A Quick Update On The Greens

A Quick Update On The Greens

Salad Greens and Spinach

Our fresh greens are one of our most popular vegetables in the winter. They are always in high demand because it is hard to find them grown locally.

They are grown in our heated greenhouse from transplants in the fall and grow all winter, They don’t need to be reseeded until the spring, when we plant them outside. 

It is important to us to offer some form of fresh green in every biweekly box for our winter veggie box program. This means we pick anywhere between 65 lbs and 80 lbs of spinach or salad mix every other week and this pretty much cleans out the greenhouse. 

Luckily, they grow back in time for the next week of boxes unless it is especially cold. With the recent cold spell, the greens grew very slowly and we were worried that we wouldn’t have enough for the boxes, which is why we couldn’t offer them on the online market last week. 

The winter box program is ended now so if the weather is on our side, we should have plenty through the spring! Be sure to check out our online market every week for your fresh, organic greens! 



We only have one heated greenhouse, so we grow the kale in unheated covered tunnels. Kale is hearty and handles the cold well. It is usually available through mid-December then goes into hibernation for the rest of the winter. 

When it starts to warm up again in the spring, the kale starts growing again! We are hoping to offer it on the online market in mid-April so keep an eye out for it. 

Nollie Livingstone


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