Our Veggies and Berries

Here at Strawberry Hill Farm we grow over 60 different types of vegetables and berries. We believe in chemical free farming because it is healthier for the environment and our workers. It provides healthy and safe produce for our family and many customers. We grow this variety of produce so our farm is diversified and can provide our customers with many different types of food from one farm. It is also because all of the little aspects support the whole. If one crop fails, we still have 59 others and the farm will not go bankrupt. We also use this diversification so the farm is more self sufficient. We grow grain for our animals and feed them waste vegetables. They provide manure to replenish the soil so the crops are healthier and help dig up the fields after everything is harvested. Most of our veggies go straight into our weekly veggie box program where hundreds of our customers can receive our produce directly, affordably and efficiently. The rest are sold to wholesale customers and through this online market.


What makes our produce different?

It is organic. That is the most important aspect. We hear that word all the time and see it everywhere. But why is it so important? 


No Chemicals 

This is the most important factor of organic farming. We use no artificial chemicals, on our land, crops or animals. This means we have to find new and tactful ways to deal with pests, like covering them and timing to avoid the seasonal insects. Instead of using growth chemicals on our plants, we ensure that the soil is taken care of and has all the nutrients the plants need to grow on their own. We are committed to farming without chemicals because we believe that our earth and your bodies deserve a break from the poisons all around us. 

As the rise of organics continues, many other adjectives have come into play, like all natural, hormone free, free range and non GMO. To know if the food you buy is truly organic, look for the label at the top of this page. It means that farm was inspected and certified by a government accredited agency. 


Our Rich Soil

The secret to organic farming is the soil. A huge problem in the world now is the incredible loss of topsoil. It is being lost so much faster than it can be built up. This is due to many factors including the loss of life in the soil from chemicals, over tilling, mono-cropping, and the lack of adequate soil rebuilding before another crop is grown. Poor soil life, leads to soil that needs ever more chemicals to grow plants and eventually can fail to grow healthy crops at all.  Healthy soil life is the foundation of our farm.  Because we grow so many crops, we can use cover crops, crop rotation and natural alternatives like compost, earthworms, ash and properly treated manures to build up the organic matter and give the plants all they need to thrive. With this careful replenishing, the topsoil is built up instead of lost. The importance of this is not talked about a lot but buying from small local farmers who focus on their soils in this way, can greatly help prevent the loss of our precious topsoil and lessen the impact that this has on our environment. 


The Environmental Impact

Organic farming means less chemicals are being dumped into the ground, into the air and running off fields into our rivers and oceans. Buying local means less fuel is being used and less pollution from transportation is created while bringing you your food.  

We can't all afford to buy an electric car but we can help in our own way, and one way is by supporting your local, organic farmers.


Full of Nutrients 

Our produce is not artificially ripened. It is grown until it is fully ripe, then harvested and shipped directly to our customers. Often non-local produce is harvested unripe and artificially ripened in shipping to prolong its shelf life. This means it did not have time to fill with the nutrients that organic, local produce has. In addition, crops that grow more slowly and naturally have the time and resources to take up the maximum amount of nutrients.  This also explains why local, organic food has a fuller flavor!  As many older people have remarked "These vegetables taste like vegetables tasted when I was kid!"


Organic farming is key in helping our environment. The best part is that being environmentally conscious never tasted so good!