Our Meats

We raise all the meats we sell.  During the summer months our animals are outdoors.  In the winter they have access to barns and shelter.  



Our beef is organic and grass fed.  We occasionally give them a treat of leftover squash or other vegetables but we do not feed grain to our cows.  Cattle are ruminants meaning they have special stomachs that process grass efficiently much like the buffalo, bison, and other herd animals that roam the great grasslands around the world.  Feeding grain will make them grow faster but at the expense of their health and as some claim, at the expense of the quality of the meat.


Did you know that contrary to popular belief, cattle can actually be an answer to climate change, not a contribution?  It is all in how they are fed!  Cattle that eat grass and move often promote grass growth and sequester carbon in much the same way their wild cousins do.  This is not the case with cattle in confinement and fed a grain diet.  So you really can make a difference by choosing which meat you buy. 



Our chicken is organic and raised during the spring, summer and fall months so it can be raised on pasture.  Like all birds, chickens need seeds in their diet but they should have more.  The access to air, sunshine, and the green grass gives the meat a fuller flavor and higher quality.  



Our pigs are born here on the farm and raised here so they can be fully organic.  In the summer they are outdoors often in wooded areas or pastures with trees.  Pigs like to have some shade and they enjoy rooting up the ground with their snouts.  Pigs eat almost anything, so they are the perfect match for leftover vegetables including leftover sweet corn still on the stalk that can't be sold.  Pig are intelligent animals and so obviously enjoy the outdoors. 


We make our own grain rations to feed our chickens and pigs and we are growing more and more of our own grains every year.  Not only does this help keep costs down, it also provides us with much needed straw for mulching vegetables and for winter bedding for the animals.


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