Our Eggs 

Our eggs are organic and as fresh as ever!


Living Area

Our chickens spend much of their life outside, enjoying the sunshine and grass, the dirt and the bugs they find jumping around. We surround their coop with a fence in order to keep the coyotes and raccoons from reaching them, but they still have lots of space to run around and enjoy the fresh air. During the winter, it is too cold for them to be outside so they are moved to the barn. They enjoy the cold months in a spacious and warm room, with fresh bedding. 



We feed the chickens a grain diet that we mix on the farm using grains we grow and source from other farms so everything they eat is fully organic. We feed them grain because they are birds.  Birds need the energy from seeds and grains and have the digestive system to deal with them.  Grass and bugs help to round out their diet and provide us with such delicious eggs.  Wild birds eat seeds they find in trees and plants, so likewise, we are keeping it the way nature intended.  



Over the years we have developed an easy way to collect eggs. The nest boxes are built at a slant so the eggs roll out from under the chickens once they have been laid. This helps keep them clean and reduce washing, cools the eggs down, and makes it easier for us to collect them.  Chickens have sharp beaks by the way!


Our eggs have bright yellow yolks, and are fresh and nutrient rich! The best part is that you never saw a happier, more content flock of birds!